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Been getting colder but I’m still playing
November 4, 2011, 5:49 pm
Filed under: golf, miscellaneous

In the last month I’ve been trying to get out once a week. I haven’t always made it. A couple of weeks ago I got out to Piedmont and shot 83. Not every shot was great but I really felt I had some measure of control over the ball. The next week I played in a four-person scramble at Shenandoah Valley Golf Club. I played with my brother and his wife and a friend of his. My brother and his wife don’t play very often but they still contributed some quality shots now and then. I’m probably a little better than his friend, but it worked out that when I would hit a bad shot he hit a good one, and the reverse was true too. We ended up taking 2nd in the B flight. That’s where my brother and his wife really helped, as their handicaps lowered our expected performance. Today I got out to Piedmont before heading off to play some ice hockey. It was chilly and windy but I decided to play the tips. Don’t ask me why. I hit the ball fairly well but the wind really affected me. I ended with an 88, which isn’t horrible, but not exactly what I was trying to shoot. That’s ok. With the weather changing I’m going to have these days. At least I was playing.


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