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Out of the habit
September 23, 2011, 3:17 pm
Filed under: golf, miscellaneous

I’ve gotten out of the habit of posting after each round. I’ll try to do better.

Since the last post on August 7th, I’ve played several rounds and a few tournaments. My scores have ranged from 85-93, which is higher than I like. I’ve hit a rough patch where I don’t trust my swing. For awhile I couldn’t hit a driver into the fairway for anything. I fixed that but then I lost my irons. Lately I still have a bad case of the shanks. I know it’s mental and I’m trying to work through it. I did play very well in a scramble last Friday. We used my drives, irons and putts several times. I felt great and I thought I’d gotten past the trouble, but on Monday I was as bad as ever. Today I got in nine in the rain and I think I worked through some of it. Only time will tell.

My eyes have been doing great. I received my new lenses for the Oakleys that I bought. I swapped them and used them back in August for the first time. It was cloudy that day at first but it started to brighten during the round. I put them on at the beginning of the fifth hole but propped them on my hat since the clouds were alternating between thick and thin. On the sixth hole I was driving to the green when I took off my hat to cool off a little but I forgot that the sunglasses were on it. I dropped them onto the cart path and put a nice scratch in the center of the right lens. Perfect. I got 1.5 holes with them before damaging them. I was pissed at myself but by the back nine I’d already planned to purchase another set. Unfortunately that afternoon when trying to do just that I saw that the lenses were no longer in stock. A quick search of Amazon found me another pair of frames with those lenses for only $30 more than the lenses alone direct from Oakley. So now I have my original dark lenses in the original frames and the new frames with the new lenses. Those I keep in my bag and I’m very careful with them now. Live and learn.


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